Ygrene Financing Program Makes Home Improvements Affordable

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When mentioning home improvement solutions in California, many people tend to think about costs as the first thing coming to their minds. But if you are living in Palm Springs, Palm Desert, Indio, or anywhere else in the Coachella Valley, a home improvement financing program like Ygrene is something that may save lots of money, and guarantee a lifetime comfort. So, what does the Ygrene Financing Program represent, and how it relates to home...

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New Windows Increase The Value of Your Home and Reduce Your Energy Bills

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Nowadays, most people are not aware that their home’s windows also suffer wear and tear and usually do not replace their older windows unless they break or crack by natural or kid caused accidents. But did you know that the older windows in your house may be costing you more money each year? Or that new windows can make your house stand out if you are trying to sell your home? Below we explain the many benefits of replacing your old...

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Window Replacement Is Not As Expensive As You May Think

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Replacing Your Home’s Windows Is Not As Expensive As It Sounds It dоеѕ not mаttеr what age your home іѕ, іt is іmроrtаnt to hаvе high quality windows in іt tо protect уоu frоm thе elements оf Mоthеr Nature. Nеw wіndоwѕ аdd more thаn juѕt bеаutу аnd class tо your home; thеу аllоw уоu to save a lot оf mоnеу іn energy costs. Imagine, with nеw wіndоwѕ installed іn your hоmе, wіthіn three...

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A New Energy Efficient Air Conditioner Can Save You Money

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Southern California, specially the Inland Empire, is one of the hottest and driest areas in the country during the summer. The residents of Southern California try to stay cool during these hot summers by making sure their home is well insulated and cranking up the AC. This is great until you receive the utility bill! People need to look for the most efficient and energy saving air conditioning systems to save money. Our company provides the...

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How to Save Money on Utilities This Summer

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How to Save Money on Utilities This Summer Before the summer utility bills make you sweat, you must take a few measures to cut your energy consumption and save money. Making proper arrangements to your lifestyle and house can help you save money and the environment. You can shave dollars off your utility bills without sacrificing convenience and luxury by investing in the products and services of Tenco Construction Company. Our company has a lot...

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Do You Know When It’s Time To Replace a HVAC / Air And Heating System?

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Your comfort may depend on how efficient your HVAC / Cooling and Heating system is. It is also perhaps the most costly appliance installed in your house. Therefore it is natural for you to feel confused  on whether you need to replace your HVAC system or not when it breaks down. Reasons for replacing your old air and heating / HVAC System A central air-conditioning system has a typical lifespan of 15 to 20 years. Therefore you could expect...

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Springtime Checklist For Homeowners

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Spring is here! And that means it’s time to take a look at this spring home maintenance list to ensure that your house is well prepared for the upcoming climate: Clean your gutters and check for leakages –Any debris that has accumulated in your gutters during the winter needs to be cleaned out thoroughly. If you find any leakages, use a caulking gun to fix them. You can also use a sealant for the smaller holes and cracks.  Check the...

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Cost-Effective Energy Efficient Solutions for Your Home

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Southern California is a fantastic place to live in, but the weather can be very unpredictable. It could be 55° and raining but the next day it could heat  up to 90°, making you feel like summer has arrived early. That’s why your home needs to have the proper energy efficient solutions in place to keep your utility bills down and your home feeling comfortable no matter what the weather throws at you. Tenco has just the right energy...

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Was Your Home Too Cold This Winter? This Could Be The Answer!

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Although winter this year proved to be less harsh than what we had to go through the year before, nonetheless it was cold enough to make people uncomfortable. If you found yourself wishing for your home to be warmer, then maybe it is time you start thinking about installing Green Energy Radiant Attic Insulation and replacing your old work out windows. The weather is unpredictable; you never know what you may have to face on any given day. It...

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Identify The Main High Energy Wasters In Your Home

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What are the Main High Energy Wasters in a Home According to a recent study on household energy conservation, energy bills of a household depend on size and location which affects their usage of heating and cooling equipment. A few inexpensive ideas can help you save on energy bills during winter months and will keep your family home warm and comfortable too. Windows without insulation – These can be replaced by installing energy efficient...

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