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Lifetime Plus Paint Stretch-Guard Elastomeric Exterior Coating

How Does the Stretch-Guard Elastomeric Coating Differ from Paint?

This hi-build elastomeric coating system is a carefully constructed protective coating built around a 100% Acrylic resin. It will provide up to 400% elongation and Flexes with changes in temperature. Its hi-build finish is Watertight, yet its unique makeup allows it to breathe. Unlike paint, stretch-guard elastomeric wall coating Applied to the exterior of a building provides a thick, Waterproof layer that will expand and contract with Building movement providing maximum protection Against cracking and water damage.

The Problem:

The most serious problems with stucco, masonry and concrete structures are cracks and water damage. These building materials are very hard. However, when a building settles, or is subject to any vibration or thermal expanansion, cracking will definitely occur. Because these materials are porous, water can penetrate, causing serious structural damage and deterioration.

Lifetime Plus Paint Stretch-Guard Elastomeric Exterior Coating is the Solution!

Ordinary house paints are not intended to waterproof or fill Cracks. A hi-build elastomeric coating system produces a Flexible layer that seals and covers hairline cracks Waterproofing these porous surfaces with a coating, many times thicker than paint. Its superior elasticity provides Excellent long term protection against future cracking.


Lifetime Plus Coatings Stretch Guard

✔Environment Friendly
✔Bridges hairline cracks
✔Resistant to dirt pick-up
✔Thermal Barrier
✔Resists wind driven rain (Passes ASTM E96, TTC-555-B)
✔Breathable (ASTM-E96 – 12.5. perms)
✔Superior adhesion and flexibility
✔Superior resistance to ultraviolet rays
✔Insulating Ceramic Spheres
✔Fire Resistant (Fire Rated ASTM E108)

difference between hi build elastomeric coating premium paint

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