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Energy Efficient Double Plane Insulated Glass Replacement Windows Installation

Double pane energy efficient insulated-glass is standard on all replacement windows Tenco Construction Company installs in Southern California!  There’s a great deal of technology that goes into producing quality double pane insulated glass. Here’s how the process works and why it’s so important.

The term “insulated glass” is commonly used in the window industry.  By itself, glass is an extremely poor insulatorCold and heat easily pass through a single pane of glass.  Insulated glass refers to 2 panes of glass that are hermetically sealed together by a spacer at the perimeter, creating a sealed dead-air space between the 2 panes.

Energy Efficient Replacement Window Installation in Riverside CaliforniaNearly all of the insulative power of a double pane window comes from this sealed dead air space between the glass!  Once the 2 panes are sealed together into a single insulated unit, we call them Insulated Glazed Units, or IGU for short.

The type of spacer technology makes a huge difference in the overall thermal performance of a window.  The spacer system is what physically joins the 2 panes of glass together into a singular Insulated Glazed Unit.

Superior spacer systems prevent the heat and cold to transfer from the outside pane of glass to the inboard pane.  This reduction in transfer of temperature is often called “warm edge” technology.

At Tenco Construction Company, we start with great Low-E glass to reflect the suns damaging rays.  Next, we seal 2 panes of this great glass into a single insulated unit that’s hermetically sealed for maximum insulation.  Why do we go to such measures with our windows?  It really does mean something when we say that our windows make some of the most efficient replacement windows in the world!

Insulated Window Heat Transfer Example

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