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When mentioning home improvement solutions in California, many people tend to think about costs as the first thing coming to their minds. But if you are living in Palm Springs, Palm Desert, Indio, or anywhere else in the Coachella Valley, a home improvement financing program like Ygrene is something that may save lots of money, and guarantee a lifetime comfort.

So, what does the Ygrene Financing Program represent, and how it relates to home improvement financing?

Whether it’s windows, siding, a new roof or a deck for your California based home, the Ygrene Financing is bound to make that change possible – and incorporate eco-friendly materials to your home for a long-lasting energy efficient living. If you have thought about whether such solutions are effective or not, you should know that saving our planet means saving ourselves – and investing in an energy-efficient solutions in our homes guarantees a brighter future.

Without any money down and with a 100% home improvement financing solution for your Coachella Valley home, the Ygrene Program comes with tax deductible* financing and low fixed payments. In other words, you can finally treat yourself to the eco-friendly home you have always wanted. Whether you are a contractor, community, homeowner or own a commercial property, the Ygrene Financing Program is certified and proven to make you:

  • improve your property value and earn big on its sale
  • save energy long-term with the Ygrene 100% PACE financing
  • be a part of a better, eco-friendly and energy-efficient future

So, for those of you who may have a few remodeling projects that you cannot afford, the Ygrene Financing Program is the most ideal solution to start a new future in your home – and see tangible results from it. In other words, instead of applying for a new home loan or going for the credit offers, the Ygrene Home Improvement Financing Program is the one that saves you money – with a complete set of energy efficient home improvement financing options tailored to your most exact needs.

So, what does the Ygrene Program include?

Energy, Water and Money – that is the cycle we should all leverage and learn from. The Ygrene Information adds up directly to it and makes you save money, increase value and live a better life with a complete solution for your home. The eco-friendly improvements you can make for your California based home can relate to every aspect of:

Basically, the Ygrene Energy Fund shares information and implementation of clean energy financing solutions for both residential and commercial properties in Riverside County, Palm Springs, Palm Desert and Coachella Valley areas of California. Privately funded and without any hidden costs, you can now leverage the Ygrene Program for a better renewable energy, water conservation, energy efficiency – or in other words, creating a better future for yourself and your loved ones!

For more information on the Ygrene Energy Fund Loan Program or to check your eligibility, give Tenco a call at (866) 272-1451 or click here to send us a message and we’ll be happy to provide you with more information. Affordable, easy to set up, tax-deductible* and quick – the Ygrene Energy Fund home improvement financing program is ready for you and your home!

Tenco Construction is a Ygrene Certified contractor.

*We cannot provide accounting advice; consult your CPA and tax advisor.

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