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Southern California, specially the Inland Empire, is one of the hottest and driest areas in the country during the summer. The residents of Southern California try to stay cool during these hot summers by making sure their home is well insulated and cranking up the AC. This is great until you receive the utility bill! People need to look for the most efficient and energy saving air conditioning systems to save money. Our company provides the most efficient HVAC cooling and heating system to ensure maximum reduction in your utility bills.

Beat the Heat with Our HVAC/Air & Heating System

People continue using their HVAC system even if its expected service life has crossed. Manufacturers of heating and air conditioning appliances suggest that you replace your HVAC equipment before the end of its expected service life to avoid being stuck in the hot summer without a functioning AC system. Generally, the life of these systems is estimated to be around 10 to 15 years.

What are the signs your HVAC system needs a replacement?
Most systems last long but as time passes, they become less efficient and more expensive to run. And then a time comes when the servicing of these HVAC systems doesn’t help either. There are some signs that show that your system needs a complete replacement:

  • System malfunctioning: If you continue to spend money on repairs on an HVAC system that has already seen its good days and is now inefficient, then you’re just wasting your money. If your system malfunctions, replace it immediately with a new and more energy efficient HVAC/Air & Heating system.
  • Utility bills get out of control: If you notice that your utility bills are increasing even though you’re controlling the duration and thermostat settings, then there is certainly some significant problem with the system. One indication of an old HVAC system is that it leaks fluids, which can increase the utility bills to a great extent.
  • AC makes loud noises: It is obvious that something is seriously wrong with your old air conditioner if it produces unusual and loud noises. This calls for immediate installation of a new HVAC system.

Tenco’s HVAC/Air & Heating Installation and Replacement
It will be a great investment if you choose Tenco to install your new HVAC air and heating system. Throughout Riverside and the San Bernardino county areas, we provide air conditioning installation, air conditioning replacement, heating system installation, heating system repair, and energy efficient HVAC Air and heating systems. Don’t get confused when your old HVAC system malfunctions or there is a rapid increase in your utility bills. Just know that the time has come to replace this old system with a new one.

The replacement of the HVAC system can be a bit costly, but then an old system will cost you more; it will affect your bills and your comfort both. So save money and call us at (866) 272-1451 to solve all your replacement and installation issues.

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