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What are the Main High Energy Wasters in a Home

According to a recent study on household energy conservation, energy bills of a household depend on size and location which affects their usage of heating and cooling equipment. A few inexpensive ideas can help you save on energy bills during winter months and will keep your family home warm and comfortable too.

Windows without insulation – These can be replaced by installing energy efficient windows with double glazing which allow easy entry of light and heat but reduce heat and air from escaping the enclosure. Replacement windows with window film fixed by professionals like Tenco are also an efficient way of retaining heat and allowing natural light so you do not have to keep lights on during the day.

Making the attic energy efficient – To make your home energy efficient and save money, use Green Energy Barrier attic insulation which is made of reflective foil material to block heat in summer and retain warmth in the winter. This cost effective insulation material should be installed by professionals to make it long lasting and save energy. Blown-In Insulation is also a great way to retain your home’s heat during the cold winter months.

Fixing Insulation and leaks in plumbing – Save water leakage by keeping all your home plumbing along with taps and faucets in top condition. Small fitments like low flush toilets and aerators in faucets and taps will reduce water consumption and wastage. To avoid water seepage into your walls use Stretch-Guard Elastomeric Exterior Coating for exterior walls of your home which will protect them from deterioration.

Power hungry appliances – Switch off appliances and chargers when not in use and wherever possible take the plugs off sockets to stop flow of electricity. Replace incandescent bulbs with CFL or LED ones and get motion sensors to save money on lighting bills.

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