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Tenco Construction offers a more energy efficient way of insulating your home or office with radiant barrier technology. Radiant barrier technology has actually been around for a while, but attic radiant barriers for the purpose of providing unparalleled insulation in commercial buildings or residential homes is a fresh way to save a lot of money on heating and cooling bills. This technology does a much better job than traditional insulation of keeping the heat in during the cold months and keeping it out during the sweltering heat of summer.

Green Energy Barrier is a top quality radiant barrier that is exactly the same technology used by NASA in their space walk suits to keep out the extreme temperatures in space. This high-tech barrier is the perfect solution for reflecting the heat that enters your attic, whether it comes from the inside or outdoors.

The way the barrier works is very easy to understand. It works for the same reason a foil covered dish in your oven works. The radiant barrier reflects heat the same way the foil does, but even more efficiently. When it’s hot outside, the barrier reflects 97% of that heat, reducing bills and keeping air conditioners from being overloaded. This also burns less electricity or fuel, meaning there is less of an effect on the environment.

The same holds true in reverse when it’s cold outside and warm indoors. Heat that rises to your attic is reflected back, meaning your heating unit doesn’t need to work overtime just to keep the temperature steady. The Green Energy Barrier helps in two ways.

First, by saving money on heating and cooling bills, and second, it keeps temperatures from fluctuating rapidly, which can cause undue strain on heaters and cooling appliances. This strain can cause problems that are expensive to fix.

Another benefit of not running your heating and cooling units constantly is that it’s better for the environment.

Check our website often to learn more about our Radiant barrier technology and stay posted for more energy efficient tips that will help you save money on cooling and heating bills.

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