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With an aim to save money by reducing energy consumption at home during winter, it is advisable to install new energy efficient windows or retrofitting your current windows. It is known that many old model windows that have single panes lack protective tints which are essential for regulating room temperatures. By substituting these with high efficient windows, huge money can be saved on electricity bills.

In addition to saving electricity expenses, maintenance costs can also be lowered with energy efficient windows. For example, old wooden windows require more maintenance when compared to new aluminum, fiberglass and vinyl-based windows. It is prudent to opt for models that are less prone to wear and tear. High-efficiency windows are not susceptible to condensation and frost which can damage the window glass.

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Tenco Construction is a trusted provider for professional installation of energy efficient windows. They are reliable and affordable. They serve areas in Southern California including Riverside, San Bernardino, Fontana, Corona, Orange County and Moreno Valley. Hiring a professional company like Tenco Construction to renovate old windows is beneficial in terms of cost and energy.

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