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Do you own a home in Riverside or San Bernardino County and are you looking to perform some basic renovations to that home? There are a variety of advantages that come with hiring a professional company such as Tenco Construction to install new windows or retrofit your old windows in your home. Among the many factors that you will be considering, is that of cost and energy. Windows perform multiple functions within a home. The first of these is to allow light to enter. Windows are also important in that they allow homes to stay cool especially during the grueling summer months or warm during the winter. Finally, having beautiful windows installed on your property adds to its overall aesthetic and may even boost your property’s re-sale value.

One of the top reasons to perform window installation or replacement is to reduce the amount of energy that your home consumes. Many older models of windows use single panes, or do not have protective tints that help in regulating the temperature in your home. By replacing such windows with more energy-efficient solutions, you will invariably save significantly on your monthly electricity expenditure.

Windows are like any other part of your home in that they require maintenance from time to time. However, older window models that use wooden frames require far more maintenance than aluminum counterparts. Fiberglass and vinyl-based windows are also smarter solutions. Choosing a window frame that is less susceptible to wear and tear can also help you reduce your home maintenance costs.

We serve homes in Riverside, San Bernandino, Orange County, Moreno Valley, Corona, Fontana, Rancho Cucamonga, Redlands, Norco, and other areas in Southern California, by providing professional installation at affordable prices. Call us on 1-866-272-1451, to get an estimate on replacement vinyl windows from a window installer you can trust.

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