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Stretch Guard Elastomeric exterior coatings for homes from Tenco Construction is an ideal solution to the many problems faced by buildings exposed to shifting climates. It is a hi-build elastomeric coating that can allow elongations of up to 400% and flexes that occur due to temperature changes. This is a very important feature to have when living in the Riverside, San Bernardino and other Inland Empire areas due to the cold winter months and the extreme heat in the summer.

One of the most important problems that arise in stucco, masonry and concrete structures are cracks and water damage. Since these building materials are hard, as they are subjected to various physical and climatic conditions such as vibrations and thermal expansions, cracking is inevitable. Due to its porous structure, water can seep in and cause various other damages.

Stretch guard elastomeric wall coatings are better than normal paints as the former serves as a thick water-proof layer that can freely expand or contract depending on building conditions. This ensures protection against cracking and water damage.

A hi-build elastomeric coat acts as a flexible layer that can cover all forms of hairline cracks thereby water proofing the layer. Its elasticity makes it highly durable and prevents future cracks.

Lifetime Plus Stretch Guard has prominent features such as: environment-friendly composition, dirt and fire resistance, resistance to wind driven rains (Passes ASTM E96, TTC – 555- B), breathable (ASTM-E-96- 12.5 perms), high adhesion and flexibility, low maintenance and insulation of ceramic spheres.

Tenco Construction will ensure proper installation of this high quality product with the help of professionally trained and licensed applicators. The process is completely hassle-free and complete satisfaction is guaranteed. We also assure a lifetime product warranty.

We serve homes in Riverside, San Bernandino, Orange County, Moreno Valley, Corona, Fontana, Rancho Cucamonga, Redlands, Norco, and other areas in Southern California, by providing professional installation at affordable prices. Call us on 1-866-272-1451, to get an estimate on Lifetime Plus Paint Stretch-Guard Elastomeric Exterior Coating from a company you can trust.

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