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Replacement Windows Will Improve the Value of Your Home

Apart from benefits such as improved energy efficiency, light, and comfort, insulated replacement windows can also improve the look of your home and increase its value. The National Association of Realtors has developed a scale to rank home improvements. Home Improvements are ranked in the order of the returns they deliver via an increase in the home value, after one year. It is estimated that installing replacement windows will increase the value of your home by as much as 97% of the amount you spent on installing the windows. So if you are spending $5000, the value of your home will increase by at least $4850.

Here is another example to explain the benefit of installing insulated replacement windows. Suppose the area you live in has many similar houses. A would-be homebuyer may look through your neighborhood for a house and he may shortlist your house and the one next to yours. You have just installed replacement windows, while the house next to you has the same old windows. Which home do you think the prospect will be interested in buying? Your house or the house next door? Yours of course.

If you are looking for ways to increase the resale value of your home, you can consider replacement windows. You can replace the front windows with picture windows or bay windows.

Importance of Professional Replacement Window Installation

Replacement windows can also under-perform if the installation was not done properly. This will result in cracked joints, loss of insulation, and exposure to heat, cold air, noise as well as pests. The importance of professional window replacement installation cannot be stressed enough. Another side effect could be that the warranty given by the manufacturer could become void. The weather fluctuates widely in Moreno Valley, Riverside, San Bernardino, Ontario, and throughout Southern California. This is all the more reason to have your replacement windows installed by professionals.

Here is a primer on what our professional replacement window installation includes:

  • The openings are measured.
  • The old windows are removed carefully.
  • Tenco will professionally install the new energy efficient insulated replacement windows and ensure that they are weather-tight.
  • The windows are checked to ensure that they operate properly.
  • We will cleans up the work area and explains how you should take care of the new window.

Contact Tenco Construction today to see how we can help you select the right windows for your home that will increase your home’s value as well as save you money on heating and cooling costs.


  • Double Pane Low E Vinyl Windows
  • Retrofit Vinyl Windows
  • Energy Efficient Windows
  • Argon Gas Filled Windows
  • Accidental Glass Breakage
  • Double Lifetime Warranty

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