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Green Energy Barrier Attic Insulation Installation

Tenco Construction Company believes we can help you save your hard earned money, while at the same time help the environment. As an Authorized Dealer of Green Energy Barrier for reflective attic insulation, we see it as our mission to provide homeowners with environmentally friendly products that not only save them energy but also help to reduce what they are spending each month.

Our signature product is our Green Shield, better known as reflective attic insulation. By providing reflective attic foil insulation we can help you to insulate the most important area of your home. Indeed many homeowners are unaware of the important role good attic insulation can play in helping to reduce your energy costs.

This is because a well insulated attic can help to minimize the heat your home loses in the winter and conversely the heat it gains during the summer months.

reflective attic foil insulation used by NASAThis very affordable technology works by reflecting heat away from your home in the summer, therefore keeping it cooler, and helps to prevent heat escaping from your home in the winter, helping you to keep nice and warm. Indeed, reflective attic foil insulation is so cutting edge that it is even used by NASA on their missions into space, surely there can be no greater evidence of the products effectiveness and credibility.

For those looking for reflective attic insulation in Southern California, Tenco Construction Co., should be the company you turn to. We pride ourselves on our expertise and our fully trained and certified staff can help you make the right decision for your energy saving needs. We believe that with our high levels of customer service, in depth understanding of our product, and very competitive prices, we can help you to both save money and do your bit for the environment.

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