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As a home owner in Riverside and San Bernardino County, you must be aware that keeping your home well maintained and renovated will not only boost its re-sale value, but also improve its overall aesthetic as well as security features. Among the numerous home improvement solutions that we provide for homeowners in the Riverside and San Bernardino areas, is professional and affordable new window installation. Our professionals have developed a sound reputation within the local industry for the provision of high quality, energy-saving window installation services.

Knowing when to replace windows

Determining when your windows need repair or replacement means looking out for a range of signs. Wood windows that are constantly exposed to moisture weaken them, causing paint to fade, or the wood itself to begin chipping away. While this may not initially be a problem, over time, closing and opening windows can become extremely difficult. Investing in brand new windows will help you save on your energy costs, while also providing you with increased security as well as convenience.

Our window installation services

When you hire us, we will send our team of specialists to your home to conduct a full window inspection, before providing you with a comprehensive quote. You can then choose from a range of window options from Low-E window coating films to high quality energy efficient windows.

If you have noticed that your windows are showing signs of damage, contact a Tenco representative at (866) 272-1451 for more information on our window installation services.

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