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High-quality Window Installations

Windows are essential for homes, as they are responsible for the ambient light, ventilation and warmth in the house. Windows that are inefficiently installed or lack in performance can reflect on your energy savings and the state of your home. Installing state of the art windows in your home beautifies it physically, while minimizing your lighting, cooling and heating costs.

Choosing high-quality window installations

The importance of a professional installation by a windows replacement company, can only be appreciated when experienced. Tenco Construction Company in Riverside, California, offers double-paned insulated glass windows that boast of an array of benefits. Installing our replacement windows can help in shielding against UV rays that can cause potential damage to the furnishings in your home, as well as the walls and flooring. The insulated glass windows provide relief from outside noise and ensure your privacy as well.

Our durable energy efficient windows will not take up all your time when you are spring-cleaning, as their superior design makes them easy to clean. The vinyl replacement windows are a lucrative investment as well, as they bring down costs from usage of cooling or heating systems, by isolating the in-house temperature from that outside. Tenco’s well-fitted windows are an aesthetic enhancement to your home, pleasing to beholders both inside and outside.

We serve homes in Riverside, San Bernandino, Orange County, Moreno Valley, Corona, Fontana, Rancho Cucamonga, Redlands, Norco, and other areas in Southern California, by providing professional installation at affordable prices. Call us on 1-866-272-1451, to get an estimate on replacement vinyl windows from a window installer you can trust.

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