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Save Money On Your Electricity Bill This Summer

Summer is here and so are high energy bills for the whole season. An average house in the US spends almost $1900 every year on energy bills alone. But there are ways to lower the bills and be environment-friendly simultaneously.

  • You can use your microwave for cooking instead of your stove. It uses 2/3rd lesser power than an average stove, plus it does not give off as much heat into your home as a stove does.
  • Using a dishwasher is more efficient than doing the dishes with your hands. You can leave the dishes to air-dry and save more energy!
  • Another trick is to always keep your refrigerator filled with food. This keeps the fridge from warming quickly, so it has to use less power to cool the items again.
  • Reflective attic insulation will help in saving on cooling bills naturally.
  • For best efficiency, you can set the thermostat to either off or 85º when you’re not at home, and 78º when you’re at home. The thermostat can be set higher if you have ceiling fans, because they help in cooling the air.
  • You can do the laundry more efficiently by selecting the cold or warm water setting when washing clothes. Rinse with cold water. Try to line dry the clothes whenever possible.
  • If you have a swimming pool, then you can cut back the pool’s auto sweep and the filter’s operating time to about 4-5 hours.
  • You can get rid of wasted energy by unplugging all electronic devices when they are not in use.
  • If there is an old non-energy efficient spare refrigerator in your garage, you may want to recycle it right away to save almost $150 a year.
  • Avoid the use of electric appliances during peak hours to reduce the chance of power outages.

Tenco Construction is here to help you keep those utility bills down to a minimum with our energy saving services. We offer reflective radiant attic insulation that keeps the attic temperature down during the long hot Southern California summers. A cooler attic means a cooler house and less use of your air conditioner which will lower your electricity bills.

Another solution that we offer is our Low-E or low-emittance window films, which help keep reflect the hot sun in the summer and keeps the inside of your home nice and cool. It also helps to retain the heat inside the house during the winter.

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  • Double Pane Low E Vinyl Windows
  • Retrofit Vinyl Windows
  • Energy Efficient Windows
  • Argon Gas Filled Windows
  • Accidental Glass Breakage
  • Double Lifetime Warranty

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